Healing Field - Beige Tibetan Area Rugs


Tibet’s medical tradition dates back to ancient India. The flowers and herbs in this rug depict plants and grasses that are grown in Tibet and used for healing purposes. The warm beige tones of this rug and the beautifully colored flowers and herbs that fill the wide borders, personify the masterful use of color and design Tibetan Rugs are loved for. This rug is made from long fibred Tibetan wool that is soft to the touch, wonderful to walk on and highly durable for a lifetime of wear. Made from hand spun and hand dyed wool, this hand crafted Tibetan Rug was woven by master craftsmen in Tibet.

Design Code: KTH-02B

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Tibetan Rugs.

Our rugs are made of highly skilled craftsmen who have studied at the feet of artisans before them. They bring Tibet's centuries old rug weaving tradition to modern times Whether buying a handmade or machine made you are buying a piece of culture.

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