#16 Tibetan Hand Painted Monastery Chest 18th century


This stunning hand painted gold on red chest is decorated with a fierce, green eyed, fanged Zeeba, who is prominently placed in a decorative central medallion, gazing at all who approach. The spotted Zeeba, a popular guardian figure who protects against evil, holds a flowering vine in his mouth and hands and has an image of the sun and moon on the top of his head. The red back ground of the chest is painted with swirling waves on the four corners and a square and roundel design that imitates a popular textile pattern that was used to cover trunks like these in earlier days. For shipping and handling please contact info@innerasiarugs.com

 Size: 22"H, 44"W, 15.5"D

#16 Tibetan Hand Painted Monastery Chest 18th century - 18th Century will be custom made and will ship within 3 months.

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