Lotus & Amulets Tibetan Area Rugs


Set against a backdrop of beige, the flowering lotuses in the middle of this beautiful rug are woven in a soft rose and dusty red. The border and center of the rug are decorated with elephant tusks, books, coin, coral and the three jewels of the Buddhist Teaching. These Buddhist symbols are amulets for health, wisdom and good fortune and though this design reflects an unmistakable Chinese influence, its interpretation by InnerAsia’s weavers illustrates the mastery of color and design that fine Tibetan Rugs are recognized for. This rug is made from long fibred Tibetan wool that is soft to the touch, wonderful to walk on and highly durable for a lifetime of wear. Handcrafted by master weavers, this all wool Tibetan Rug was designed by InnerAsia Rugs and hand woven by craftsmen in Tibet. Available also in green and Blue.

Design Code DC-06B, DC-06A, DC-06C

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Tibetan Rugs.

Our rugs are made of highly skilled craftsmen who have studied at the feet of artisans before them. They bring Tibet's centuries old rug weaving tradition to modern times Whether buying a handmade or machine made you are buying a piece of culture.

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