Of Wool and Loom


Of Wool and Loom; The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs. Trinley Chodrak and Kesang Tashi; published by White Orchid Books, 2000. 156 pages.

Of Wool and Loom is the first overview of the Tibetan rugmaking tradition to be written in English by native Tibetan authorities. The introduction provides a brief history of Tibetan carpet and textile weaving from its earliest origins to the present and the emergence of Tibet as a commercial center for carpet weaving. It describes the arduous process of learning the craft of carpet weaving - from apprentice to master weaver- and the functional but decorative uses of Tibetan rugs in the grand estates of nobles and monasteries, the homes of ordinary people and nomads and colorful saddle blankets.

This authoritative book with over 150 color plates and other resource materials, is aimed at collectors as well as those who admire Tibetan rugs and would like to know more.

What Prompted Tashi to Write a Book on Tibet’s Rug Weaving Heritage. Please check Tashi’s Blog

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